if your business includes the buying, selling or exchanging of motor vehincles, including cars, trailers, motorcycles and caravans, you will need a motor dealer certification.


you must:

* must be properly trained in the field of sales management and automobile diagnostics

* have a track record in business dealings

* not have been found guilty, by a competent jurisdiction on business misconduct

* not be bankrupt

* have sufficient financial resources to carry on your business in accordance with the requirements of the fair trading.

* have a physical address of car stand approved from a relevant authority

* have minimum of three(3) employees


Evidence of CAC FORM or incorporation of certificate

Two passport photograph of chairman/CEO

One data page of national identity card for chairman/ceo

Car stand Approval letter or evidence that you have a physical address


1. check the eligibility requirements

2. locate and complete the National Registration formCLICK HERE

3. locate and complete the State Chapter Registration form, below are following forms and their fees for active and inactive:

State Chapters Fee Form
FCT-Abuja state chapter: N150,000 CLICK HERE
Lagos state chapter: N150,000 CLICK HERE
Imo state chapter: N100,000 CLICK HERE
Rivers state chapter: N150,000 CLICK HERE
Oyo - Ibadan state chapter: N200,000 CLICK HERE
Zamfara state chapter: N100,000 CLICK HERE

4. locate and complete the AMDON Police biometric Card formCLICK HERE

5. submit your application with payment slip at your nearest state chapter.

6. Recieve your comfirmation letter from your state chapter

7. Get your Certificate and Idcard

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